986 Pharmacy

986 Pharmacy was established in 2014 as a group of independent pharmacy organizations under 986 Degrees Corporation. Our first pharmacy location opened in 2015 in the city of La Verne, California. Since then we have opened seven additional retail 986 Pharmacy in Southern California. In addition to our retail pharmacies, we have four 986 Specialty Pharmacy in Southern California, Nevada and Texas. We also offer infusion medication services at our specialized Infusion Pharmacy, which opened in 2017, in the city of Anaheim, CA. Our expansion allows our pharmacies to reach more patients to offer not just retail pharmacy but offer specialty medication and compounding.

We take pride that each of our pharmacies strive to service their local community. Our pharmacists have extensive clinical training and friendly staff will always take the time to address your needs and provide customized personal solution for your specific needs. We treat you like family here in 986 Pharmacy, so your care and well-being are our utmost priority.


321 N. Buffalo Dr. Suite #120
Las Vegas NV 89145