Introducing Full Online Services

Lien Rx is dedicated to helping injury patients without medical insurance. For years our team has worked with attorneys and physicians across southern Nevada perfecting a streamlined process for patients to get the medications they need with no out-of-pocket costs. We offer 11 pharmacy locations and free home deliveries for patient convenience.

Now, our services are all online. Patients can verify information, complete paperwork, and get their medications processed without ever having to leave home!

Patients simply select the pharmacy closest to them from the drop-down menu on our website, fill out a brief form, and hit ‘submit’. A Lien Rx team member will call or email the patient back, capture necessary signatures, and explain the next steps. Fast and simple. We’ll handle all of the correspondence with attorney and physician offices as well as getting the prescriptions filled and out for delivery from our partner pharmacy.

Getting lien prescriptions has never been easier. With Lien Rx, patients can focus on getting better instead of worrying about calls and paperwork back and forth between various offices or trips to a pharmacy. Do it all digitally instead.

It only takes a few minutes to try out our online service now.

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